Something out of Nothing

Finally, word from the front.  Reviews have come in for the show at the BNYT and it seems that I’ve been just a little oversensitive.

I’ve made a mountain out of a molehill.

And going against every known law of physics and energy, I’ve actually made SOMETHING out of NOTHING.

Apparently, according to Charles Isherwood of the New York Times, “after “The Book of Mormon,” we have entered a thoroughly post-politically correct age at the theater, [and] Ms. Benjamin has no qualms about making silly sport of the indigenous peoples whose cultures caused such prurient fascination in the Victorian era.”

Plus, those indigenous peoples don’t usually take in an Off-Broadway show.

Mr. Isherwood thought the white tribal chief was “the perfect picture of the barbarous, untamed savage . . . [and] you can bet that the savage in the room will soon be barking, “Nuts to you, pope!” in his goofy accent.”

I wish I had gotten the memo about no longer needing to be politically correct.  It would have saved me some time.

While it wouldn’t be fair for me to judge the play without having seen it, I also can’t get myself to see the show.  And let’s face it, I’d be about as objective as a senator in a voting booth.  So, I can only rely on the word of others.

Marissa Skudlarek, a blogger with San Francisco Theatre Pub, saw a preview of the production and had some questions of her own.  Please click here to read about her experience and if you’ve seen the show, please let us know what you thought, and how you felt about the casting of the tribal chief.

Inquiring minds want to know.